Algorithm Implementation Service
1. What is Algorithm Implementation Service ?

This is a service to implement algorithms you requested as a program. We make not only executable programs but also modules, APIs and detailed documents of them if you want.

Price is from 5,000 USD or above. We estimate actual price based on the level of difficulties of algorithm.
Copyright of written source code is assumed to belong to us.
Introduction of Algorithm Implementation Service.
2. Sample List of Algorithms We Can Implement

Below is a sample list of algorithms we can implement. We can implement other algorithms not listed below.

[1. Image Recognition]
[2. Data Mining]
[3. Statistic Analysis]
[4. Control Theory]
[5. Time Series Analysis]
[6. Signal Processing]
[7. Speech Processing]
[8. Machine Learning]
[9. Natural processing]
[10. Numerical Analysis]
3. Inquiry

Please use telephone, fax, email or web form for questions and consultations about "Algorithm Implementation Service".

Contact for Algorithm Implementation Service