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We provide Intelligent Computing Research and
Academic Research Software.

  • Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence
    • Image Recognition
    • Pattern Recongnition
    • Data Mining
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Mathematical Optimization
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Signal Processing
    • Sound Processing
    • Knowledge Processing
    • Numerical Computation
    • Numerical Analysis
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Machine Translation
    • Quantum Information Processing etc.
  • Artificial IntelligenceEconomics and Finance
    • Decision Theory
    • Game Thetory
    • Financial Engineering
    • Portfolio Econometric Analysis
    • Spatial Econometric Analysis
    • Sensory Evaluation
    • Fraud Detection
    • Recommendation
    • Social Network Analysis etc.
  • Artificial IntelligenceMedicine and Life Science
    • Microscope Image Processing
    • Brain Image Processing
    • Biometric Sensor Data Analysis
    • Brainwave Analysis
    • Electrophysiological Measurements
    • Omics data analysis
    • Genome Data Analysis
    • System Biology
    • in-silico screening
    • Bioinformatics etc.
  • Physics and ChemistryPhysics and Chemistry
    • Optical Simulation
    • Electromagnetic Analysis
    • Physical Simulation
    • Fluid Analysis
    • Molecular Dynamics Simulation
    • Space and Earth Simulation
    • Computational Chemistry
    • Quantum Chemical Computation
    • various informatics etc.


  • Research Paper Implementation

    Research Paper Implementation

    Implement specified research papers as software.

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  • Algorithm Implementation

    Algorithm Implementation

    Make modules or APIs of specified algorithms as you request.

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  • Simple Tool Creation

    Simple Tool Creation

    Make simple application of numerical or statistical analysis at a low price.

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  • Research Software Development

    Research Software Development

    Create software for academic research. We can also speed up existing software or add functionalities to existing software.

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  • Consigned Research Services

    Consigned Research Services

    We can execute parts of your research, including surveying papers, developing necessary systems, validation, and preparing reports.

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  • Large Language Model Consigned Research and Development Services

    Large Language Models

    Develop large language models for practical applications to meet a wide range of needs, from practical applications to pure research purposes.

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  • Optimization Software Development

    Optimization Software Development

    Develop optimization software to find optimal solutions to problems with various constraints.

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  • Automated Analysis

    Automated Analysis

    Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation), build systems for efficient analysis.

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  • Neuroscience Software Development

    Neuroscience Software Development

    Develop software tailored to the needs of each individual researcher in the field of neuroscience.

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  • Food Science Software Development

    Food Science Software Development

    Supports a wide range of food processing stages from experimental design to analysis of results.

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  • Geophysical Exploration and Nondestructive Testing

    Geophysical Exploration and Nondestructive Testing

    Develop software for signal processing of measurement data, simulation, and data assimilation.

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  • Quantum Beam Research

    Quantum Beam Research Software Development

    Develop specialized software to implement and accelerate the algorithms used in quantum beam research.

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Business Cases

  • Stochastic process estimation algorithm - porting development

    • Stochastic Process
    • Pseudo-Likelihood
    • R
    • Python
  • Factor analysis for data with missing values - R&D

    Development Environment and Technical Field
    • Multiple Imputation Method
    • Structural Equation Modeling
    • Factor Analysis
    • Principal Component Analysis
  • Numerical analysis software development and theoretical analysis of superconducting circuits

    We have developed numerical analysis software for basic research on circuit quantum electrodynamics. We also performed theoretical analysis to clarify the characteristics of superconducting circuits.

    This numerical analysis software calculates the distribution function and calculates and outputs physical quantities such as specific heat when the Hamiltonian parameters of a superconducting circuit are entered.

    In the theoretical analysis, parameters were added to the equations used in the numerical analysis to increase the degrees of freedom and provide a more general derivation.

    Image of the equations used for numerical analysis.
    • Numerical Analysis
    • Quantum Mechanics
    • Statistical Mechanics
    • Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics
    • MATLAB

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  • EGUCHI Satoshi
    EGUCHI Satoshi
    • Evolutionary Biology
    • Plant Systematics
    • Bioinformatics
    I have studied plant systematics and evolution with a wide range of approaches not only field surveys but advanced data analyses such as next generation sequencing.
    With this background, I am willing to support integrating computational techniques into your research.

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  • INOUE Akimitsu
    INOUE Akimitsu
    • Machine Learning
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Topic Model
    • Text Mining
    • Structural Equation Modeling
    • Marketing Research
    • Portfolio Optimization
    • High Frequency Trade Data Analysis
    • Risk Measurement
    • Maximum Loss Analysis
    • Econometrics
    • Causal Inference
    • Pricing Strategies
    • Social Engineering
    • Operations Research
    • Combinatorial Optimization
    • Discrete Event Simulation
    • Spatial Data Analysis
    • Sensor Data Analysis
    • Anomaly Detection
    I am a data scientist with expertise in robust statistical methods.
    My strength lies in analyzing data containing outliers, which are not easy to deal with using normal methods.

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  • ISHIKURA Takakazu
    ISHIKURA Takakazu
    • Molecular Simulation
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Multivariate Analysis
    • Mathmatical Optimization
    In the field of computational biophysics, I have studied to elucidate structure-function relationships of proteins, by calculating the free energy or the flow of physical properties such as energy and linear momentum in proteins from molecular dynamics results.
    I aim to develop software to effectively analyze mechanisms of action in biological systems, by leveraging my experience.

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  • SparseTaro Sparse Structure Estimation Software

    SparseTaroSparse Structure Estimation Software

    Visualize correlations by high-speed partial correlation analysis with sparse structure estimation. This is useful for connectome analysis in the field of neuroscience.

  • StackTaro 3D Image Analysis Software

    StackTaro3D Image Analysis Software

    Analyzes image stacks and performs automatic counting and visualization. This is useful for analysis of confocal microscope images, etc.

  • SpikeTaro Spike Sorting Software

    SpikeTaroSpike Sorting Software

    Separates and clusters spike signals from aggregate potentials of neural signals. Dramatically improves the efficiency of neurophysiology research!

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  • ABDigitizer Video Analysis Software for Behavioral Experiments

    ABDigitizerVideo Analysis Software for Behavioral Experiments

    Automatically extracts location information from video footage of behavioral experiments and easily creates trajectory graphs and heat maps. No more manual work!

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  • NGS Metagenomics AOI Metagenome Analysis Software

    NGS Metagenomics AOIMetagenome Analysis Software

    Ultra-fast metagenome analysis compatible with next-generation sequencers. Rich visual functions are powerful for microbiological research and other applications! (Scheduled for release)




Participated in Kyoto University 18th ICT Innovation Industry Briefing Session.


A researcher in agriculture was hired.


A postdoctoral researcher (informatics) and a researcher in agricultural sciences were hired.

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