We Aim for World Top-Level Research and Development Company. We provide Intelligent Computing Research and Academic Software Development.
- News -
SciGen.Report beta release - a website for sharing information about reproducibility of scientific papers. SciGen.Report
We made a presentation and gave a seminar of our product "Clinical Assignment Optimization Software" which is yet under development on Hospital Innovation Expo Japan. (This video is taken from a seminar of the product by our chief engineer Murata.)
We recruited an engineering doctor researcher.
We gave a demonstration exhibition of our product "Clinical Assignment Optimization Software" which is yet under development on "Nursing, Welfare, and Healthcare Business Fair" which took place at the 2nd floor of Resona Bank headquarters building underground. (This video is taken from a presentation of the product by our chief engineer Murata.)
We made a presentation in the "Chushin Business Fair 2014" held in Kyoto Pulse Plaza, and we gave an introduction of our research and development service, and also gave an exhibition on our product of Super-Resolution Software "Ramiel".
Chushin Business Fair 2014, Presented our product
- Engineer -
Engineers of CJS Inc.
Chihiro KURAYA
Statistic Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing, Numerical Analysis, etc.
I am studying everyday mathematical theories and system programming skills to produce state-of-the-art practical technologies based on intelligent computing.
- Products -
red_arrow Three-dimensional image analysis software
Analyzes image stacks to perform automatic counting and visualization. Use it when dealing with images acquired from confocal microscopes and such. [StackTaro homepage will soon be avaiable, now in preparation. ]
TrackTaro Optical Treadmill Measurement System
Optical Treadmill Measurement
Behavior analysis of small animals with optical mouse. This price and this time resolution. Cooperate with other devices freely !
SpikeTaro Spike Sorting System
Spike Sorting Software
Spearate and clustering spike signals from multi-source neural signals. Promote and quicken your research greatly on neurophysiology !
[NEW] NGS Metagenomics AOI
NGS Metagenomics AOI Metagenomics Analysis Software
=> Metagenomics Analysis Software
Next-generation sequencer support, ultra high-speed metagenomics analysis. Abundant visual features and improve your research dramatically such as microbiology !
[NEW] ABDigitizer
ABDigitizer, software for analyzing video images of behavior experiments
Video Digitizing Software
Auto-detect positions from behavior experiments videos. Create trajectory chart and heat-map easily. No more manual labor !
- Services -
[Paper Implementation Service]
This is a service to implement programs described under academic papers or articles of your researchers interest.
Details is here.
Image of Paper Implementation Service
[Algorithm Implementation Service]
This is a service to make modules and APIs of various even very abstruse algorithms you want.
Datails is here.
Image of Algorithm Implementation Service
[Simplified Tool Development Service]
This is a service to develop simplified software application at a low price for such as numerical analysis and statistical processing.
Details is here.
Image of Simplified Tool Development Service
[Academic Software Development Service]
This is a service to develop software for academic researchers of any fields. Also performance tuning or extending existing software are possible.
Details is here.
Image of Academic Software Development Service
[Research Consignment Service]
This is a service to do any works as consignment of a part of your research, such as survey papers and literatures, research system development, report writing, and so on.
Details is here.
Image of Research Consignment Service
- Example -
One of Examples [Service Example]
Algorithm Development of Face Image Recognition
We developed an algorithm of face image recognition from cameras placed in real world environments.
Biometrics, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Statistic Analysis, MATLAB, C++